Linking Weather And Climate

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Climate of Tallahassee

Tallahassee is located about twenty miles from the Gulf of Mexico and has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa under the Köppen climate classification system). In the summer high temperatures in the 90s are common as are afternoon showers due to the sea breeze off the Gulf. In the winter, temperatures recorded at the Tallahassee Airport drop below freezing about thirty-four times a year on average. Generally, the overnight low temperatures in Tallahassee city proper are not as cold because the area around the airport is mostly well drained dry porous sands that lead to larger radiational cooling than the city.


Detailed Climograph

A basic climograph shows monthly average temperature and precipitation for a particular location. The purpose if a climograph is to present a concise view of the climate of the area. One flaw of such a graph is the notion of an average temperature: the daily average temperature is calculated as the average of the daily maximum and minimum temperatures. This monthly value is not the true average and lacks information on the diurnal range. For these reasons, the graph of temperature below shows both average maximum and minimum temperatures.

The averages below are calculated from the daily recorded maximum and minimum temperatures from weather station KTLH from 1971 to 2009. The averages are smoothed with a 15-day running mean. The records shown are from KTLH 1948 to 2009.

The average precipitation values below are calculated from the daily recorded rainfall totals from weather station KTLH for 30 years from 1971 to 2009. The averages are smoothed with a 15-day running mean.


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