Linking Weather And Climate

Western Boundary Currents

gulfstream Western boundary currents play an important role in transporting heat poleward. Without the Gulf Stream (the western boundary current in the North Atlantic Ocean) parts of Europe would be much colder. Each western boundary current is part of a larger ocean gyre but the western boundary is intense compared to that on east.

    Western Boundary currents:
  • North Atlantic – Gulf Stream
  • North Pacific – Kuroshio
  • South Atlantic – Brazil Current
  • South Pacific – East Australian Current
  • South Indian – Agulhas Current

Here you will find information on western boundary currents, the effects they have on climate, how western intensification occurs, and how various numerical models simulate the western boundary currents separeate from the coast.


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Western Boundary Currents

Western Intesification (coming soon)

Modeling Western Boundary Currents (coming soon)


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